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Privacy policy
International Frontier Medical Support, recognize the importance of protecting personal information, based on the following protection policy, we are committed to protect the use and management of personal information.
  1. The company observes applicable laws and regulation as well as other standard regarding to personal information protection.

  2. On the acquisition of personal information, the company use lawful and fair means to the extend necessary for it’s operation, for the promotion of business set forth in the articles of International Frontier Medical Support,.

  3. Acquired personal information are handle appropriately and used only within scope of the purpose of use.

  4. The company does not provide personal data to third party without the individual’s consent, except as otherwise permitted by personal information protection act.

  5. There are occasions that the company may entrust personal information to third party company within a scope necessary for achievement of the purpose of use. In that case, the company strictly manages the service provider in accordance with the provisions of the personal information protection management system and personal information protection act.

  6. If there is a personal information disclosure and/or correction request by the individual concerned, the company will promptly respond to verify the identity of the individual concerned.

  7. The company take appropriate measures in order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information, and unauthorized access to your personal information.

  8. The company takes necessary and appropriate supervision over the employee, so that personal data is managed properly.

  9. The company strives to continuously improve and revise this policy as necessary in response to changes in the social environment regarding the handling of personal information.

  10. If the company received a complaint or inquiry about the handling of personal information, the company will promptly investigate the facts about its content and respond in good faith.

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